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  SKoT, Nov 17 2008

So decided fuck the part time job working for the half-wit trying to exert what little power he has over people. Im ready to poker.

I spent last night getting my $20 up to a hundo using the 10$ double or nothings(super soft btw) and will start back at 50nl today. 50nl was my bread and butter when I played, and probably made 2-3k more off of 50nl than I did off 100nl at my time there.

Heres to running well for a few days

p.s. - I'm interested in a 50nl stake if anyone else is steaking. I can provide Screenshots of PT/PG winnings/stats if needed

One time!

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Might not see me again
  SKoT, Aug 31 2008

Couple of things.

1st, poker is pretty much dead to me. I went on a crazy downswing and a little of bad play after a big cashout to pay for living, etc and it really crippled my bankroll and thus my spirit. I have a 3 digit account now and it really sucks, not sure if I'm even going to try to grind it back up.

2nd, school is going to be crazy this semester. Im living with 7 other guys in basically the most perfect party house ever. We had 2 kegs last night, it was nutso. Im also taking 18 credits so I got a pretty full course load. Good stuff

3rd, Army ROTC. I enrolled and am basically fully intending on contracting(signing 8 years of my life to the govt). It is really cool and will give me a chance to a) serve my country b) get school and living paid for c) learn some self discipline and get a crazy good resume because I'll graduate here as a 2nd lieutenant(which also makes pretty good money for a fresh grad and 1st LT is alot better which ill get in a few years after graduating).

Oh and the PT(physical training) is at 530 every morning haha, which kinda sucks but gets my ass into bed early and up early after about 5 years of going to bed past midnight every night. It's not too hard though, I'm in better shape than most of the 3rd and 4th year guys because I was at the gym every day all summer. Anywho,

so thats it. Ill probably just end up cashing out my roll and seeing if anyone will stake me if/when I decide I want to revisit degeneracy. I've made quite a bit of money from poker and it paid for my living for almost a full year so I cant really complain I guess.

Good luck boys

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Big cash out
  SKoT, Jul 06 2008

Got some big bills coming up for new school year(first/last rent, security desposit, books, etc) and this, combined with a pretty bad downswing across 50/100nl(~$1000), made me cash out all the way down to $1,000. Kind of a 50nl do-or-die type thing. I will not play 100nl until at least 1500 where i will have a 1 buyin stoploss and wont play it full time until 1800.

Also, I threw in some applications for part time work around town. I have fuck all to do all day anyway other than work out, play poker, and get drunk so that'll help. I dont have any graphs or anything because for some reason my postgres is all fucked up but whatever.

Im still fairly happy with my play, and it is not often that I get my money in behind, just unlucky as fuck i guess recently and needed the money anyway.

Happy hunting LP.

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